Wyoming man douses himself in paint to avoid Taser

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – A Cheyenne man who doused himself with white latex paint in hopes of avoiding a police Taser was hit with the stun gun anyway.

Thieves leave trail of snack wrappers

WICHITA, Kan. – Now that's taking the cake.
Wichita police say whoever stole a Little Debbie delivery truck left a trail of empty boxes and snack cake wrappers after abandoning the vehicle.

new delhi deploys "super monkey" security guards

New Delhi, India - Delhi authorities are to deploy a contingent of langurs -- a large type of monkey -- at Commonwealth Games venues to help chase away smaller simians from the sporting extravaganza.
From Wednesday, 10 langurs will be put on duty
outside Games venues in the Indian capital, with the boxing and hockey stadiums seen as particularly vulnerable to monkey misbehaviour, an official said.
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has a regular team of 28 langurs which are used to scare away their weaker brethren in VIP areas of the city, but 10 more have been brought in from the neighbouring state of Rajasthan.
Four of them will be posted outside the boxing complex with their handlers, while another four will patrol the hockey complex. Two have been kept in reserve to respond in the event of an emergency.
"They are there for the monkey problem. They will be moving outside the stadiums," Devender Prasad, an inspector from the enforcement department of the NDMC, told AFP.
Wildlife has so far posed major headaches for the under-fire organisers, with stray dogs found in venues and a snake captured at the tennis complex.
After one of the strongest monsoon seasons in years, the capital is also struggling with a major dengue fever outbreak, caused by mosquitoes that breed in standing water.
Fish that eat mosquito larvae have been put in the pond in the Games Village to protect athletes from dengue, a viral infection transmitted to humans by the female Aedes mosquito.
Monkeys are a common sight in the verdant Indian capital, where they routinely scamper through government offices, courts and even police stations and hospitals.
In 2007, the deputy mayor of New Delhi fell to his death after being attacked by a group as he read a newspaper on the terrace of his home.
Hundreds of monkey bites are reported annually in the city, partly as a result of devout Hindus feeding the animals during ritual offerings to the monkey god Hanuman.
Langurs are an aggressive type of monkey with long tails and dark faces. They are controlled on leashes by specialised handlers, who release them once other monkeys come into sight.
The showpiece multi-sport Games, which open on Sunday, teetered on the brink of collapse last Tuesday when some nations threatened to pull out amid worries about security, a bridge falling down and the state of the facilities.
Problems plaguing the event range from shabby accommodation to security fears, as well as doubts about the quality and safety of venues and infrastructure.
Many athletes said Tuesday that conditions inside the much-criticised village were improving.
Indian organisers had forecast that the Games would be like the 2001 film "Monsoon Wedding," in which everything comes together at the last minute.

Mayonnaise spill causes highway pile-up in Japan

TOKYO  – A load of mayonnaise falling off the back of a lorry in Japan caused an eight-vehicle pile-up, leaving three people injured, police said Monday.

Scientists look at deodorant for New Zealand's smelly birds

WELLINGTON (AFP) – Scientists say they are hoping to develop a deodorant for New Zealand's native birds to stop them falling prey to introduced predators.

New Zealand has an abundance of native bird species, including the famous kiwi, but no native land mammals, meaning introduced animals such as cats and stoats have had a devastating impact on birdnumbers.
Canterbury University reseacher Jim Briskie said Friday it appeared New Zealand birds suffered from body odour, making them an easy target for predators.
Briskie said unlike their overseas counterparts, which evolved alongside mammals, New Zealand birds emitted a strong smell when preened to produce wax to protect their feathers.
He said the kiwi smelled like mushrooms or ammonia, while the flightless kakapo parrot's odour was like "musty violin cases", possibly contributing to its endangered status.
The Marsden scientific research fund has given Briskie a 600,000 New Zealand dollar (440,000 US) grant to study native bird body odours over the next three years in the hope of making them less exposed to predators.
"Down the line, if we do find some species are particularly smelly or vulnerable, perhaps I can design a deodorant for kiwis," he told the Dominion Post newspaper.

guards find phone in inmate's rear end

Raleigh - North Carolina orison officials said an inmate from Raleigh tried to smuggle a cell phone into prison in his rear end.

man vs parrot

ANN ARBOR, Michigan - A 49 year old Jackson man has been arrested in Ann Arbor following a fight with the pet parrot carried in his backpack

"Bobbies" to send "test" youths to pubs

Dublin - Ireland plans to allow police to send "test" youths to pubs from next month to check if landlords abide by laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol to those under 18,

anaconda surprises woman in the toilet

Warsaw - a 73 year old Polish pensioner was shocked to find a two-meter long anaconda peering up out of her toilet bowl in her flat in Wroclaw, southwest Poland,

Boeing plans to send passengers into space

ATLANTA (Reuters) – Boeing Co plans to offer passengers the chance to fly into space on a craft it is developing for travel in low-Earth orbit, the aerospace company said on Wednesday.

woman steals from grandma

ATTLEBORO, Mass. – A Massachusetts woman has been charged with disguising herself as a man so she could rob her own 79-year-old grandmother.

knife removed inside man's head after 3 years

SAO PAULO – A man in northeastern Brazil is recovering after surgeons removed a 4-inch (10-centimeter) blade that had been stuck in his head for three years

Belgium experiments with mystical "full moon" beer

PERUWELZ, Belgium (Reuters) – Full moons are often associated with tides, insanity and creatures like werewolves, but it turns out they're also good for brewing beer.

Lost language unearthed in a letter

LIMA (Reuters) – Archaeologists say scrawl on the back of a letter recovered from a 17th century dig site reveals a previously unknown language spoken by indigenous peoples in northern Peru.

Genocide wiped out native american population

Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutilated human remains are likely all that's left of a Native American population destroyed by genocide that took place circa 800 A.D., suggests a new study.
The paper, accepted for publication in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, describes the single largest deposit to date of mutilated and processed human remains in the American Southwest.The entire assemblage comprises 14,882 human skeletal fragments, as well as the mutilated remains of dogs and other animals killed at the massacre site -- Sacred Ridge, southwest of Durango, Colo.

bishop charged with sex raps

Atlanta - Two men have filed a lawsuit accusing Bishop Eddie Long of exploiting his role as pastor of an Atlanta area mega church to coerce them into sexual relationships

toddlers locked in the closet

Indianapolis - A Somali woman charged in the deaths of two of her children allegedly locked them and three siblings inside a small closet and left to visit a friend,

blind school teacher held for panty stealing

Tokyo - a teacher at a school for the blind in japan has been arrested allegedly for stealing a woman's underpants from a laundromat

burglar falls asleep on job

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Police say a burglar broke into a house in Malaysia to steal watches and jewelries then fell asleep with his loot on the owner's couch.

24 hour milk filling station a hit

  a German dairy farmer has come up with a novel way to drum up new business - he opened a "milk filling station". The "Milchtankstelle" near cologne in the town of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid dispenses the output of 78 cows from a stainless steel vending machine. Customers can either bring their own empty containers or buy milk bottles to fill up.

$40,000 ring flushed

Memphis, Tennessee - Diane Buckalew said she felt sick when she woke up and realized two rings she'd left on the bathroom counter the night before were gone. she and husband Carl, married in Las Vegas a month ago, realized their cat jinxe had batted into the toilet an amethyst ring and Diane's  carat , $40,000 diamond engagement ring.

chicken's painting auctioned on ebay

MERRIMACK, N.H. (AP) - It's not Picasso but a New Hampshire woman hopes a piece of art painted by a chicken will raise money to rebuild a playground. The 8.5-by-10-inch painting called "Feathered Fireworks" is being auctioned on eBay.
Wendy Thomas of Merrimack says she created the piece by dipping the chicken's feet in paint then placing the hen on canvas.
WMUR-TV said Thursday that bidding started at $9.99.
The proceeds will help rebuild the Kids Kove playground in Merrimack.

It's good to think. but not too much. scientist says

People who think more about whether they are right have more cells in an area of the brain known as the frontal lobes.
UK scientists, writing in Science, looked at how brain size varied depending on how much people thought about decisions.
But a nationwide survey recently found that some people think too much about life.
These people have poorer memories, and they may also be

odd bits

feet insult results to stabbing---> more info...

Woman kills 900lbs alligator---> more info...

"Sexting" D.A.- "i'll get therapy but i won't quit.--->more info


Earth's core, mantle 2900 km below our feet

Washington, Sep 18 (ANI): Using X-ray diffraction at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble (France), researchers have found that the Earth's mantle and its core mix at a distance of 2900 km under our feet in a mysterious zone.

Ecuador's tallest waterfall to be destroyed by Chinese dam

San Rafael Falls, Ecuador's tallest waterfall, is threatened by a Chinese-funded hydroelectric project

Cure for Insomnia unleashed

You've been tossing and turning all night. Rolling over, the clock says 2:00 am. Instead of reaching for the bottle of Nyquil, or something even stronger, researchers from Northwestern University (NWU) have a much healthier alternative to falling asleep — aerobic exercise. Regular cardiovascular exercise can

Electric truck to deliver high tech chips: Potato chips that is

Here's some crunchy news for you. Usually when we hear about a chip-maker adapting the latest technology, we think of Intel, Motorola or AMD. But snack chip manufacturer Frito-Lay announced last week that they will be rolling out their first five all-electric delivery trucks in NYC,

water helps lose weight

It's a popular dieting secret: Drink more water, and you'll shed more pounds. Finally, science is adding weight to the practice.
After about three months, a new study found, obese dieters

handshake, makes life longer

LONDON (Reuters) – A firm handshake could be a sign of a longer life expectancy, according to British researchers...

minor cuts father's throat

Iloilo, Philippines
  Something snapped in Rammy 15 (not his real name) of Duenas Iloilo, when his father Danny, 56,  manhandle his mother and older brother over the last weekend.
  Rammy is now in the custody of the department of social welfare and development after he stabbed Danny four times in the back inside their house. not contented the boy also slashed the victim's throat.

Hostage crisis happened on GHOST month

MANILA, Philippines - The Aug. 23 hostage crisis took place on the 14th day of the Ghost Month, or the seventh month of the lunar calendar when Chinese believe spirits roam the land.
This year, the Ghost Month ran from...

cockroach brains, new antibiotics?

 cockroaches may make your skin crawl, but the insects—or, to be exact, their brains—could one day save your life.

no pop songs at funerals

  Football club songs and pop or rock music have been banned
from funerals in catholic churches in Australia under new guidelines 
distributed this week to priests and funeral directors.
  A funeral should not be a celebration of the deceased's life, Archbishop 
of Melbourne Denis Hart said in the rules, but a final sacred farewell. Celebrations
of that life should be held at social occasions before or after the funeral, he said.

mystery ailment cause traced

  The cause of a mystery ailment that struck abut 50 visitors
to a dairy pavilion at an agricultural show in Australia has been traced--

500 rapes in congo

 The United Nations reported Tuesday that more than 500 systematic rapes were...

police found $9M in a drum

  Police in El Salvador say officers found $9 million in cash crammed into an oil drum...

teen boy texts sheriff for pot

  General rule of thumb; when looking to buy marijuana, don't text the sheriff.
authorities said a Helena (Montana) teener hit a wrong number and inadvertently sent a message to Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, saying

No nodding off, soldiers warned

  Taiwan's military has banned its soldiers from napping or even closing their eyes - while wearing their uniforms in public, media and the defense ministry said.
  the ban has immediately met a hail of criticism, including from soldiers who say they are being trated like robots...

drug resistant superbug detected in japan

  A hospital linked to the Dokkyo medical university in Tochigi prefecture north of Tokyo detected a drug resistant "super bug", a bacterium carrying the new delhi metallo-lactamase-1(NDM-1) gene, in a patient last year...