Weird Crazy News: Robot Guards to Patrol Jail Corridors

Robot guards will patrol jail corridors in South Korea as early as next year, lifting the burden off human prison guards. Asian Forum for Corrections Chairman Lee Baik-chul said the robots will perform simple tasks such as patrolling during night hours and this will significantly help human prison guards focus on other more complex tasks. At night the robots will watch for any signs of suicide attempts or physical attacks on prisoners instead of the human guards. This will allow the human guards to work on more difficult problems such as educational work and counseling.

When the robot sees something unusual, it will report to the central control facility which will then take action. The robots have a speaker and microphone installed on their bodies so that when a prisoner speaks, the guard at the central tower can respond and vice versa. The robots will be able to observe their surroundings through visual software installed in their face.

Source: Far East Gizmos

Weird Crazy News: "Chocolate Room"

A shopping mall in Kaliningrad, Russia celebrated its fifth anniversary by commissioning an artist to create a room entirely of chocolate.
The idea of building a chocolate room inside Kaliningrad Plaza belonged to Lithuanian ad agency Ad Hunters, who commissioned experienced sculptor Elena Climent to carve it out of 420 kilograms of dark, milk and white chocolate. Measuring around 20 square meters, the delicious-looking room features furniture like a chocolate sofa, table and carpet, as well as chocolate cutlery, candle holders, and flowers. 40% of the room is made of dark chocolate, another 40% is milk chocolate, and the rest is white chocolate.

Weird Crazy News:"Golden"Christmas Tree

Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka has created the ultimate Christmas tree –  made of pure gold and worth a whopping $2 million.
After making a 24-karat gold horse for Japan’s newborn prince, and creating another tree worth $850,000, Ginza Tanaka decided to step it up even more and came up with a solid gold Christmas tree for this holiday season. Measuring 2.4 meters high and weighing around 12 kilograms, the luxurious tree is decorated with golden plates and around 60 heart-shaped ornaments, and covered with ribbon. It’s the most expensive thing Ginza Tanaka has ever made, but while I do appreciate the craftsmanship and the effort that went into it, I’m not sure gold is right for such an important symbol. After all, what kind of presents are you supposed to put under such a tree, anyway?

Source: Oddity Central

Weird Crazy News: Nails and Threads Portraits

It’s amazing how someone can recreate organic shapes so well from thousands of angles created with nails and thread. Designers Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer take up to a month to work on each of their complicated artworks, but the outcome is certainly worth the time they put in. After analyzing an old photo they begin hammering nails into the canvas until they come up with a pixelated outline of the artwork, after which they start connecting the dots with thread. 

Weird Crazy News: Masterpiece Created from Thousand Naked Bodies

New York-based artist Angelo Musco is taking the photography world by storm with his incredible mosaics made up of thousands of naked bodies.
Touching themes like birth, procreation and gestation, Angelo Musco creates complex structures of the natural world from an ant colony and beehive to a school of fish, using thousands of human bodies. “A swarm of fish captures a profusion of life, the safety of a symbolic nest, and a connection of one being to another. ’It’s the strength derived from this collective force,” the artist says on his website. “The nests, as well, relate to the safe geography of birth and early life.”

Weird Crazy News: Zombie Training Course Now Offered

Zombie Boot Camp, a recently inaugurated one-day training course, promises to teach people specialized zombie-fighting skills for only 90$.
Whether you’re one of those crazy folks who believes a zombie apocalypse is imminent, or just a big fan of zombie culture, Zombie Boot Camp sounds like the perfect experience for you. The unusual training course taking place in the UK’s Droitwich, Worchestershire, sees would-be zombie hunters take part in specialized training exercises with experienced military instructors, before putting on special armor and taking on a group of brain-eating zombies to prove they’ve mastered the skills necessary to survive during a zombie crisis.

Weird Crazy News: Man Run Out of Toilet Paper, Trashes Hotel Room

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 13 (UPI) -- A man caused more than $2,000 in damage to a Charlotte, N.C., hotel after discovering he had run out of toilet paper in his room, police say.
Police say between late Sunday and early Monday at the Charlottetown Manor, Dereck MacDonald, 43, became very upset upon discovering he ran out of toilet paper, The Charlotte Observer reported.
MacDonald allegedly walked into a vacant room at the hotel and clogged the toilet, causing water damage to the room, a police report states.
"The suspect then went back to his room and damaged additional property by physical force," the report says.
MacDonald reportedly caused more than $2,000 in damage in the two rooms combined.

Weird Crazy News: $10,000 Engagement Ring Threw out on Garbage

MARGATE, Fla., Nov. 12 (UPI) -- A Florida man who accidentally threw out his wife's $10,000 engagement ring said he waded through more than 8 tons of trash to find it.
Brian McGuinn of Margate said he accidentally threw the ring away with a disposable razor and dreaded telling his wife of five years, Anna, WTVJ-TV, Miami, reported Friday.
"I just started crying and I would stop crying, and remind myself that jewelry is replaceable," Anna said.
Anna called waste management company Wheelabrator and within an hour Brian was suited up at the dump and wading through more than 8 tons of garbage to find the precious ring.
McGuinn said workers identified the trash from his collection route, making his job a little easier, and he was eventually able to locate the ring.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 3: "Who Will Fall this Time?"

A Little bit Off topic, to give way to the most anticipated fight of the year.
On November 12, 2011, watch Pacquiao and Marquez battle it out for the 3rd time. Who will fall? Would this be the end of Marquez's career? or will this be Pacquiao's ticket to retirement? You'll be the Judge!

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Weird Crazy News: World's Largest Bra Unveilled

The makers of a stain removal product in England are showing their support for breast cancer research in the most titillating way possible: By making the world's largest bra.
As part of a "Wear It Pink" campaign by the British-based Breast Cancer Campaign, the makers of Vanish stain remover, supported the creation of a brassiere big enough for a brontosaurus, according to
When it was finally unveiled on Oct. 28 at the ITV Southbank Tower, the pink bra -- which has a size 1222B cup -- measured nearly 102 feet around the chest.

Weird Crazy News: Another Dies Due to Falling Television

A 3-year-old girl was killed after her family's television fell on her head, the second such death in less than two weeks in the Chicago area.
Shaniya Singleton was playing with her 5-year-old brother when she apparently bumped into a TV stand, causing a 27-inch, older-model TV to fall on top of her, crushing her head, WGN reports. Her great-grandmother said she heard a thud upstairs in their home on the 7800 block of South Union Ave. in Hamilton Park, and ran to find Shaniya on the floor at about 5:55 p.m.

Weird Crazy News: Rare Breed of Spider Found

"I nearly fell over when I saw its white head," Mark Harvey, senior curator at the Western Australian Museum, said via email.
The newfound trapdoor spider isn't a true albino, since it still has some pigment—its body is brown, like those of other trapdoor spiders.
But the 1.2-inch-wide (3-centimeter-wide) arachnid has been dubbed the albino trapdoor spider until it's formally described as a new species.

Weird Crazy News: Devil Image Found in Fresco by Giotto

Art restorers have discovered the figure of a devil hidden in the clouds of one of the most famous frescos by Giotto in the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi, church officials said on Saturday.

The devil was hidden in the details of clouds at the top of fresco number 20 in the cycle of the scenes in the life and death of St Francis painted by Giotto in the 13th century.

Weird Crazy News: "Monstrous" Eruption in the Congo (Photos)

The erupting Nyamulagira (also known as Nyamuragira) volcano reddens the sky on Sunday in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (See an interactive cutaway of the Nyamulagira volcanic region.)
Nyamulagira, which generally erupts every two years, rumbled to life at 8:06 p.m., spewing lava, smoke, and ash throughout Virunga National Park. The volcano sits within the park, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of the city ofGoma (map).
The park's communications officer, LuAnne Cadd, first got a phone call about the event from rangers, who'd heard noises like gunshots, she said.

Weird Crazy News: 850 lbs marlin caught by 85 year old grandma

Connie Laurie reeled in 10 pounds for every year of her life.

Last wednesday the 85-year-old Aussie great grandmother had the catch of of her life. According to, Laurie pulled in a fish multiple times her own weight while fishing on a charter boat off the coast of northern Australia.

Weird Crazy News: John Lennon's Tooth Sold at same Price as BMW

British auction house Omega Auctions sold off much of former Creation Records boss Alan McGee's private collection Saturday, most notably one of John Lennon's teeth.
The tooth, which the Beatles frontman parted ways with in the 1960s and passed on to his housekeeper, was expected to take in $16,000. It ended up going for more than $31,000.

Weird Crazy News: "Dead Man's Toe" Bonds Father and Son

Fathers and sons traditionally bond over a shared experience -- hunting, fishing, playing catch -- but it's highly unusual for that familial moment to involve sucking on a dead man's toes.
That's how it worked for Ron and Matt Franscell. Before Matt went off to college at University of Nebraska in 2007, the pair decided to take a road trip from San Antonio, Texas, up to Alaska. It was a trip six years in the making, and the experience inspired Franschell to write "The Sourtoe Cocktail Club: The Yukon Odyssey of a Father and Son in Search of a Mummified Toe ... And Everything Else" (Globe Pequot).

Weird Crazy News: Image of a man in agony seen through Ultrasound

Doctors at a Canadian hospital found a shocking image staring right back at them as they were scanning the testicles of a 45-year-old paraplegic man. The image of one of the testicles, shown above, looks like a man's face grimaced in agony.
"It was very ghoulish, like a man screaming in pain," Dr. Naji Touma of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario told The Toronto Star. "His mouth was open and it looked like one eye was gouged out."

Weird Crazy News: Eel Enter Man's Penis

Zhang Nan was bathing with live eels to cleanse his skin when one rogue serpent took a liking to his manhood.
The eel treatment in question is a similar concept to the popular London spas that offer fish pedicures.
Thinking that the eels would make him look ten years younger, Nan dived into the water and let them feast upon layers of dead skin.
But after laying in the spa bath, Nan felt a sharp pain and realised a small eel was working its way up his urethra and into his bladder.

Weird Crazy News: Ghost Sex at Haunted House in Ohio

A house in Euclid, Ohio, is arousing interest from ghost researchers because the owner claims that she has seen two ghosts having sex with each other.
Dianne Carlisle claims that she has seen afterlife amore going in the living room, which seems to be more of a living-and-dead room.
"It look like, like ghosts having sex," she told the Fox affiliate in Cleveland. "You can see the lady's high heeled shoes!"

Weird Crazy News: "Spider Tree"

A spider web enshrouds a tree in Sindh, Pakistan, in a December 2010 photograph.
The unusual cocoons were a mixed blessing: The huge webs ultimately killed many of the trees they covered, perhaps by reducing the amount of sunlight reaching their leaves.
But for a while, the webs also seemed to help trap more mosquitoes in the region, thereby reducing the risk of malaria, Watkins said. 

Azkals vs Vietnam: The REMATCH

Though short on preparation, hopes are high that the Philippine Under-23 Azkals can reach the semifinals of the men’s football competition of the Southeast Asian Games for the first time in 20 years.
Senior team members Jason De Jong, Matthew Hartmann and Mark Hartmann, Carli De Murga and experienced goalkeeper Roland Muller spearhead the 20-man squad, which has 15 players under 20 years of age that could still make them eligible for the next SEA Games.
The Under-23 Azkals, who left for Jakarta yesterday, will be the first Filipino athletes to see action in the Games, with their first match slated Thursday against favorite Vietnam at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.