toddlers locked in the closet

Indianapolis - A Somali woman charged in the deaths of two of her children allegedly locked them and three siblings inside a small closet and left to visit a friend,

returning about 10 hours later to find the boy and girl dead inside, an Indianapolis police report released Tuesday said Edyan Farah, 28, told officers she "was not in her right mind" when she allegedly put her five children in an upstairs closet about 6 am Sunday and placed a large bed in front of the door so they couldn't get out. Farah found her 5 year old daughter Zuhur and  year old son, Zakariya, "stiff and in responsive" when she returned home about 10 1/2 hours later and opened the closet, the report said. She told officers she then carried them downstairs but did not call the emergency dispatcher or try to revive them. according to report.

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