"kind robber" returns loot

York, Pennsylvania -  police say an armed  robber gave back everything he stole from a homeless  man after learning he lives at a  shelter. 

thief robbed bank and call a cab for getaway

MISSOULA, Mont. – Police in Montana say a man robbed a bank and then called a taxi to make his getaway, tipping the driver $5 just before squad cars surrounded the cab. Taxi driver James Anderson told the Missoulian the man was acting strangely when he picked him up at a Missoula coffee shop.

Monk filmed girls while taking shower at temple

Phnom Penh - a Cambodian court has sentenced former Buddhist monk to 17 years in jail for secretly filming two teenage girls bath naked at a temple.
Net Khai, 37, was arrested and stripped of his religious status in June  for allegedly taping more than 600 women pouring sacred water over themselves

postcard delivered - 64 years later

Farmington, Maine - a former student at Farmington state teacher's college at Maine now has a postcard, a thank you note, was sent to Ruth Webber at Purington hall by a "Gert and Charlie". it was mailed from Winthrop.

book returned to library after 35 years

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – A novel checked out in 1975 from the College of William & Mary library is back in the stacks.

"wrong send"

EARLY, Texas – A message between old friends who hadn't been in touch for a while led to a drug arrest after the recipient of the "So do you smoke weed?" text turned out to be a police officer. Amanda Williams is a reserve officer with the Early Police Department. The Brownwood Bulletin reported Friday that Williams said she received the text message Tuesday asking about getting together to smoke some marijuana that the man had.

authorities debates on how many octopus heads are safe to eat

SEOUL (Reuters) – Authorities in the South Korean capital are trying to untangle themselves from a slimy row: how many octopus heads is it safe to eat?

Man arrested with drugs after asking cop for ride

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Authorities say a 19-year-old Northern California man was arrested after he asked a police officer for a ride, agreed to be searched and was found to have cocaine in his pocket.

Denim thief left wallet in dressing room

GALLATIN, Tenn. – Police in Tennessee say it wasn't too difficult to find a man accused of walking out of a Walmart store wearing stolen jeans. He left his old denim behind — along with his wallet.

arm stuck in toilet pipes

BEIJING (Reuters) – A Chinese man who got his arm stuck in a toilet pipe in an attempt to retrieve his dropped mobile phone was freed by rescuers, state television reported on Tuesday.

woman finds stolen dress, solves burglaries

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. – Wisconsin police say a 25-year-old woman's search for her stolen wedding dress helped solve several other burglaries as well.

couple's kids born on 8/8/8, 9/9/9, 10/10/10

ROCKFORD, Mich. – A southwest Michigan couple shouldn't have too hard a time remembering their children's birthdays. After all, it's as easy as eight, nine, 10. Or more specifically, 8/8/8, 9/9/9 and 10/10/10.

'moss man' thief bite by search dog

 HILLSBORO, Ore. – Deputies investigating a possible break-in at an Oregon rock museum were surprised when they stumbled upon a man concealed on the ground by a moss-like camouflage outfit.

Drunken Aussie takes shower in wrong house

SYDNEY (AFP) – An Australian woman woke up terrified after a drunken neighbour walked into her house and took a shower, mistakenly thinking he was home, a report said on Friday.

new deep sea fish discovered

Image courtesy Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen
It's no apparition—this new species of ghostly white snailfish was photographed swimming at depths of 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) during a recent expedition to the Peru-Chile trench (see map) in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

UFO over nyc

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 (UPI) -- New York police and the Federal Aviation Administration said they received numerous reports about strange flying dots in the sky above the city.

Indestructible McDonalds burger amazes US

NEW YORK (AFP) – Talk about eternal happiness. A New York woman who purchased a McDonalds Happy Meal six months ago says the uneaten burger and fries are in as good shape as they were the day she bought them.
The claim, backed up by a seemingly indestructible Happy Meal sitting in artist-photographer Sally Davies' Manhattan apartment, has amazed people around the world.

Doughnut thief pees, offers officer sex

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. – Police say an Oklahoma woman tripled her trouble when she stole a doughnut from someone's truck, peed in a parking lot and offered to perform a sex act on an officer for money.

The 27-year-old Tulsa woman was being held Thursday in Washington County Jail on charges of vehicle burglary, trespassing, indecent exposure and soliciting prostitution. Jail records do not show if she has a lawyer.
The Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise reports that the truck owner complained to police that the woman stole the doughnut at about 2 a.m. Wednesday. A convenience store clerk asked police to charge the woman because he said she relieved herself outside the store.
Officer R.S. Detherow says that when he told the woman she was under arrest, she offered to perform a sex act for money.
Information from: Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise, http://www.examiner-enterprise.com

drill bit piece left in mens head after surgery

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A surgeon and other staff have been suspended and public health officials have launched an investigation after a piece of a surgical drill bit was left inside a patient's head following a procedure at Rhode Island Hospital.

Drunk man rescued after chasing goose into river

Mon Oct 11, 6:08 pm ET
WAUSAU, Wis. – Wausau rescued and arrested a drunken man who plunged into the Wisconsin River while chasing a one-legged goose.

teen crashes after passing driving test

Wed Oct 13, 8:04 pm ET
BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. – A teenager who just passed his driving test crashed into a state driver license center in western Pennsylvania.

pub owner calls police after pub lock-in

Mon Oct 11, 11:12 pm ET
WELLINGTON (AFP) – A sleepy New Zealander who staged an unplanned one-man lock-in at his local pub had to call police to release him, it was reported Tuesday.

Lava and ashes help create new Icelandic perfume

Tue Oct 12, 1:05 pm ET
REYKJAVIK (AFP) – A new line of perfume is about to explode onto the Icelandic market, made of melt water from a glacier sitting on top of the Eyjafjoell volcano that erupted in April, spreading ash and flight chaos across Europe.
"When Eyjafjoell started erupting I suddenly got the idea to bring the power of Icelandic nature into people's homes," Icelandic designer Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir, head of company Gydja Collection, explained Tuesday.
That is when "the idea of using water from the glacier as an ingredient for a perfume came about," she told AFP.
The citrus-smelling perfume, which will be produced in Grasse in southern France and will be sold in square bottles with a lava rock attached, has been named EFJ Eyjafjallajoekull.
The letters EFJ are there "so that non-Icelanders can pronounce the name of their perfume," Gudjonsdottir explained, adding however that the full name of the glacier on top of Eyjafjoell also needed to be on the bottle since "I wanted the perfume to represent the strength of Icelandic nature."
EFJ Eyjafjallajoekull should be available in stores in Iceland by mid-November and Gudjonsdottir said she hoped her new fragrance would go on sale abroad soon, especially in duty free zones "at airports worldwide."

giant crystal caves unearthed

It looks like Superman's Fortress of Solitude and is nearly as hard to get into, but that hasn't stopped explorers from uncovering new secrets in and around Mexico's deep, deadly hot Cave of Crystals.

whale deaths blamed on krill, ship traffic

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- An increase in the population of a tiny crustacean and busy shipping lanes are being blamed for a jump in the number of whale deaths in Northern California waters this year.

carted off: NY police hunt for stolen hotdog stand

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. – Police in a suburb northwest of New York City are searching for a stolen hot dog stand.

Israeli Air Force Fighter Pilots Dodge Migrating Storks

Droves of migrating birds strike a remarkable sight as they swirl above head in flocks of some 5,000 birds at a time over the Judean Desert. There are about seven hundred million birds flying over Israel twice every year during migration season, 600,000 of them white storks, explains Noam Attias.

Women had 77 cats living in 2 cars

BENNINGTON, Vt. – Two women have been cited for animal cruelty in Vermont after police found 77 cats living in two cars.

Wanted woman flags down police: Am I wanted?

LOCKLAND, Ohio – Police in suburban Cincinnati arrested a woman after she flagged an officer down and asked if there were any warrants out for her arrest. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Friday that after Lockland police officer Dan Lyons informed 44-year-old Selma Elmore she did have an outstanding warrant, the woman ran off.

Scientists to look for China's Bigfoot

BEIJING (Reuters) – A group of Chinese scientists and explorers is looking for international help to mount a new search for the country's answer to Bigfoot, known locally as the "Yeren," or "wild man."

Are you sitting comfortably? Ask the chair

BERLIN (Reuters) – Getting back pain from sitting still for too long or in a bad position could be a thing of the past thanks to a chair developed by a German scientist which makes noises to tell users when they need to move.

Travel Picks - Top 10 weird festivals

NEW YORK (Reuters) – If throwing tomatoes at people, chasing a cheese down a hill, or shopping for earrings made of moose droppings are your idea of fun, then this is the travel list for you.
Men's website AskMen.com (www.askmencom) has come up with a list of the world's 10 weirdest festivals.

Woman mistakenly uses glue instead of eye drops

PHOENIX – An Arizona woman accidentally glued an eye shut when she mistook super glue for her eye drops.

Condoms clog Commonwealth Games village drains

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Thousands of flushed condoms threaten to choke the Commonwealth Games village's drainage system, media reports said, in the latest problem to hit the venue from hidden snakes to outbreaks of dengue.

Games organisers, who won a race against time to ready the village, are now battling to clear clogged drains after thousands of non-biodegradeable contraceptives were flushed down toilets in the first week of the event.
"If that is happening, it shows that there is use of condoms and I think that is a very positive story. Athletes are being responsible," Commonwealth Games Federation PresidentMike Fennell told a news conference on Thursday.
"We all know that encouraging safe sex is a very important thing to do."
Games organisers had provided 8,000 free condoms in the village, and the provision appears to be in high demand. One official told the Mail Today newspaper on Thursday that over 4,000 had already been snapped up by eager athletes.
Shoddy construction work, fears over an outbreak of dengue fever and worries about security had meant many teams delayed their move into the village before the Games began. However, blame for the latest problem lies firmly with the athletes.
Following a decision to provide free condoms at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, it has become something of a tradition.
At the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, athletes quickly used up the 70,000 free condoms provided, forcing organisers to supply another 20,000, while at the 2004 Games in Athens, the provision was doubled to 130,000.
At both the Beijing Games in 2008, and the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February, 100,000 condoms were provided for athletes.

Good Samaritan not such a helper

WAITE PARK, Minn. – Police in central Minnesota said a man who claimed he was assaulted and robbed while helping two people was lying. Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud said the 34-year-old Cold Spring man admitted to making the crime up, but it's unclear why.

Pizza driver falls for 'mom is in the shower' scam

HOQUIAM, Wash. – A pizza driver made a delivery Tuesday to a house in Hoquiam where a child answered the door, took the pizza and said his mother was in the shower and would be out to pay soon

Wanted: "monkey chaser"

TAIPEI (AFP) – Chasing monkeys has been added to the jobs on offer in Taiwan under a government-sponsored programme to boost employment, an official said Wednesday.

California prison bans visitor hugging and kissing

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – A minimum security prison in California has banned hugs and kisses because authorities fear

Rats run across roads, yards in northwest Ohio

TOLEDO, Ohio – Rats are running across roads, scurrying through yards and burrowing beneath dog houses in Toledo. Local officials blame the

Fla. man denies cocaine found in buttocks is his

BRADENTON, Fla. – When sheriff's deputies allegedly discovered a bags of 
and cocaine between a man's buttocks, they said he gave a quick explanation. Manatee County deputies said Raymond Stanley Roberts told them "The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is."

Inmate ends up nearly naked after jail escape try

PHOENIX – A Phoenix jail inmate was left wearing nothing but pink socks after scaling five fences in an escape attempt

mouse on a bread

LONDON – It was hard to explain, that dead mouse baked into a loaf of bread. British officials have released the photo which proved that Stephen Forse wasn't kidding when he claimed to find the wee creature while making sandwiches for his children.

French wine thieves in grape harvest heist

BEZIERS, France (AFP) – French police said Wednesday they were hunting thieves who sneaked on to a farmer's land under cover of darkness and harvested his entire crop of cabernet sauvignon grapes.