drug resistant superbug detected in japan

  A hospital linked to the Dokkyo medical university in Tochigi prefecture north of Tokyo detected a drug resistant "super bug", a bacterium carrying the new delhi metallo-lactamase-1(NDM-1) gene, in a patient last year...
 The case follows warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) last month calling on global health authorities to monitor the drug resistant superbug that is believed to have spread from india. "a patient who came home from india,in his 50's, had fever symptoms while he was hospitalizes in may last year, and after a blood test the hospital detected an antibiotics-resistant bacterium," the official said, adding that the patient fully recovered.
  After examination, doctors found that the bacterium contained the NDM-1 gene, making it difficult to treat with standard drugs, he said. the who has said research published in the Lancet medical journal on August 11, identified a new gene that enables some types o bacteria to be highly resistant to almost all antibiotics.
  "While multi drug resistant bacteria are not new and will continue to appear, this development requires monitoring anf further study to understand the extent and modes of transmission, and to define the most effective measures for control". it said.
   "Multi drug resistant bacteria generally "constitute a growing and global public health problem," WHO noted. the Lancet reported last month that bacteria containing the NDM-1 gene had been found in 27 Britons who had received medical treatment in South Asia. researchers said they had identified dozens of cases among Britons who had traveled to South Asia for medical tourism

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