Daily Odd News: "Cyclop" Shark Discovered

Talk about a one-of-a-kind discovery—an extremely rare cyclops shark(pictured) has been confirmed in Mexico, new research shows.
The 22-inch-long (56-centimeter-long) fetus has a single, functioning eye at the front of its head—the hallmark of a congenital condition called cyclopia, which occurs in several animal species, including humans.
Earlier this year fisher Enrique Lucero León legally caught a pregnant dusky shark near Cerralvo Island (see map) in the Gulf of California. When León cut open his catch, he found the odd-looking male embryo along with its nine normal siblings. "He said, That's incredible—wow," said biologist Felipe Galván-Magaña, of the Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences in La Paz, Mexico.

Daily Odd News: Cheater Reports Date as a Burglar when Girlfriend Shows

PDT Colorado Springs, Colo. (AP) --Colorado Springs police say a man's girlfriend unexpectedly came home just before another woman was due to visit, so he called police to report his new acquaintance as a burglar.

The Gazette reports ( http://bit.ly/vfcH8c) that 24-year-old Kevin Gaylor was cited with a misdemeanor of false reporting to authorities.

Daily Odd News: 5 Year Old Looks for Missing Mom Using SUV

Ameleah Kegley couldn't find her mother when she arrived home from school. So she did what any smart five-year-old would do: She began an all-out search.
Mansfield police in Ohio responded to the five-year-old's call around 7 p.m. on Monday after the little girl realized that getting behind the wheel of her mother's SUV and backing it out of the driveway was not the greatest idea, according to the Mansfield News Journal.
"My mom's car backed out on accident and I need the police. ... I don't know where she is," Ameleah told the dispatcher about three hours after she came home to an empty house. "I'm watching TV in my room ... I don't know who pulled it out."

Daily Odd News: Repeating #83 Discovered at Teotihuacan

The numerical figure of 83 centimeters may not, at first, seem all that amazing. But, according to Japanese archaeologist Saburo Sugiyama, that figure shows up just about everywhere at the site of the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan.
In presenting his findings at a special meeting of Teotihuacan experts, Sugiyama said there was a "constant presence" of 83 centimeters throughout the more than 7-square-mile city once inhabited by 100,000 people, more than 14 centuries ago, reported FOX News Latino.

Daily Odd News: Boat Captain Charged with Drunk Driving

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) – The captain of a supply boat was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after his vessel ran aground early on Thursday in Anchorage's small-craft harbor, police said.

It appears to be the first case of an alcohol-related marine accident at the port of Anchorage in recent memory, said Lieutenant Dave Parker of the Anchorage Police Department.

The vessel, a 53-foot cargo craft, was steered up onto the harbor's concrete boat ramp, where it was left "high and dry," Parker said. On its way into port, boat also appeared to have struck and damaged an offshore piling, he said.

Daily Odd News: Gas Chamber dog survivor, up for adoption

NEWARK, N.J. – Unnamed and unwanted, the young beagle mix was left anonymously in a drop box outside an Alabama pound. His life was supposed to end in a gas chamber.

Instead, the young stray emerged frightened but unscathed, wagging his tail. Now, he's being hailed as a miracle dog, given the name Daniel after the biblical figure who survived the lion's den.

And he has a fresh start in New Jersey, where a rescue group hopes to find him a good home.

Only three animals have survived the gas chamber at the Animal Control facility in Florence, Ala., in the past 12 years. "Maybe God just had a better plan for this one," said city spokesman Phil Stevenson. Read more...