anaconda surprises woman in the toilet

Warsaw - a 73 year old Polish pensioner was shocked to find a two-meter long anaconda peering up out of her toilet bowl in her flat in Wroclaw, southwest Poland,
local police said. "after she raised the lid of the toilet seat, the lady saw a huge snake that wanted to slither out of the toilet bowl. She immediately slammed down the toilet seat and called us," Wroclaw police spokesman Pawel Petrykowski said. "She was certainly very frightened but managed to keep her wits about her", he said after arriving on  the scene, police and an employee from the local zoo managed to catch the reptile, native to south america. "it must have somehow gotten to the toilet bowl via the plumbing pipes", Petrykowski said. while the snake was taken to the zoo, police launched an investigation aimed at identifying its owner.

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