blind school teacher held for panty stealing

Tokyo - a teacher at a school for the blind in japan has been arrested allegedly for stealing a woman's underpants from a laundromat
while dressed in a miniskirt and wearing a blonde wig, police said.
Police later confiscated around 150 female garments including more underwear and knee high boots, from the home of Tsuyoshi Hirano, 43, a teacher at a prefectual school for the visually impaired, the Nikkan Sports daily reported. the victim, a 22 year old woman, realized her underpants were missing from a drying tumbler in a coin laundromat in Fukuoka, western Japan. when she saw Hirano get into a car parked outside, she reported the license plate number to the police, Kyodo News reported. "At first glance, i knew 'she' was a 'he'," she reportedly told police. the man was arrested on suspicion of theft.

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