No nodding off, soldiers warned

  Taiwan's military has banned its soldiers from napping or even closing their eyes - while wearing their uniforms in public, media and the defense ministry said.
  the ban has immediately met a hail of criticism, including from soldiers who say they are being trated like robots...

  Servicemen should avoid napping or resting with their eyes closed while taking public transportation to mainiain the image of the armed forces", the ministry said in a statement. the statement came after the United Daily News reported that the nre rule  had sparked criticsm of "inhumane management" from some soldiers.
  "it's ridiculous. what a bizzare order. we arent's robots,"the paper  quoted an unnamed soldier saying.
with night maneuvers an integral part of military training in Taiwan as elsewhere, it is not uncommon to see servicemen napping on trains or buses.

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