$40,000 ring flushed

Memphis, Tennessee - Diane Buckalew said she felt sick when she woke up and realized two rings she'd left on the bathroom counter the night before were gone. she and husband Carl, married in Las Vegas a month ago, realized their cat jinxe had batted into the toilet an amethyst ring and Diane's  carat , $40,000 diamond engagement ring.

  at 6:30 am., Carl called Mr. Rooter, which has a drain camera. The commercial appeal on Memphis reported that two technicians dug a three-foot hole near the front door of the Buckalew's home in Southhaven, Mississippi, cut the drain pipe and ask Carl to flush. Jackpot. A technician's hand emerged from the muddy water with both rings. Carl then wrote them a $895.20 check - which he was said he was glad to do.

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