Monk filmed girls while taking shower at temple

Phnom Penh - a Cambodian court has sentenced former Buddhist monk to 17 years in jail for secretly filming two teenage girls bath naked at a temple.
Net Khai, 37, was arrested and stripped of his religious status in June  for allegedly taping more than 600 women pouring sacred water over themselves
and then sharing the footage via mobile phones. since then several women have come forward to press charges, including two who were under age at the time of the filming. a Phnom Penh court handed the ex-monk the jail term for producing and distributing pornography of two under age girls, prosecutor Plang Sophal told AFP.
the court also ordered Net Khai to pay 50 million riel ($11,800) in compensation to each of the two victims. the sentence will serve as a key message to educate both ordinary and religious people in our society to stay  away from such activities," the prosecutor said. 
Net Khai already received a one year sentenced last month for producing and distributing pornography in a case involving a 23 year old victim.

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