Daily Odd News: 5 Year Old Looks for Missing Mom Using SUV

Ameleah Kegley couldn't find her mother when she arrived home from school. So she did what any smart five-year-old would do: She began an all-out search.
Mansfield police in Ohio responded to the five-year-old's call around 7 p.m. on Monday after the little girl realized that getting behind the wheel of her mother's SUV and backing it out of the driveway was not the greatest idea, according to the Mansfield News Journal.
"My mom's car backed out on accident and I need the police. ... I don't know where she is," Ameleah told the dispatcher about three hours after she came home to an empty house. "I'm watching TV in my room ... I don't know who pulled it out."

Totally adorable, totally lying.
Police eventually discovered that a miscommunication between Ameleah's mother, who had been taken to the hospital with an emergency, and her father, who doesn't live with the girl and her mom, led Ameleah on her own for the evening.
After the truth came out -- Ameleah told the dispatcher, "My mom is gonna be pissed at me" -- authorities kept the girl on the line until they could arrive at the scene and tend to the car, which came to a stop in a neighbor's yard.
The cops say no charges will be filed.

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