man pours laundry detergent on girlfriends legs

A 28-year-old man was jailed after allegedly pouring laundry detergent on his girlfriend's legs during a dustup over the bottled clothing cleanser, according to a recently released arrest affidavit.
John Walter Hoffman told Port St. Lucie police March 19 that he and his girlfriend started an argument over laundry detergent that escalated to a struggle over the bottle.

Hoffman "reached over and unscrewed the cap . . . then purposely poured the detergent out of the bottle and onto (his girlfriend's) legs." The girlfriend, Hoffman said, stuck her hand in the spilled detergent and wiped some on his face.
The brand of detergent wasn't listed.
When Hoffman called 911 to report the detergent donnybrook, he said he wanted to level a battery charge against his girlfriend. He later said he "just wanted the incident documented," and that his girlfriend "never touched him."
The girlfriend, meanwhile, outlined some apparent dirty laundry from the day before, saying they'd been quarreling for days. On March 18, she said, Hoffman entered the bedroom and demanded she hand over a cell phone. She refused, and Hoffman took the clothes she planned to put on. She took her nightgown from the back of the door to put on, but Hoffman also took that.
He carried her in her underwear "against her will" into the living room of the home they share with Hoffman's sister, her husband, his mother and their "in-common child." Hoffman's sister got her some clothes, and Hoffman went in their children's bedroom and began "tearing it up."
She said as Hoffman picked up a mattress, his hand slipped and "accidentally" hit her face. She locked the door in their bedroom and he tried to force his way in.
Questioned about that day's incidents, Hoffman said, "What does that have to do with today?"
Hoffman and the girlfriend didn't wish to pursue charges on each other.
Hoffman's sister said Hoffman had been "crazy the past couple of weeks."
The girlfriend is on probation for domestic violence against Hoffman. Hoffman has several domestic violence arrests with his girlfriend as the victim in some.
Hoffman, of the 2300 block of Southeast Beechwood Terrace in Port St. Lucie, was determined to be the primary aggressor. He was arrested on a misdemeanor battery (domestic) charge and taken to jail.

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