214 arrested for urinating in Rio's Carnival streets

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) – More than 200 people have been arrested during Rio's Carnival that is under way for relieving themselves in the street, underlining authorities' determination to clean up the city that will be host to the 2016 Olympic Games.
"Two hundred and fourteen people have been arrested over the weekend.... We are going to constantly fight those urinating in the street. Such a lack of respect for the city and its citizens in unacceptable," the municipal official in charge public order, Alex Costa, told the G1 news website Monday.
The detentions follow on from last year, when authorities launched a campaign to stop the widespread practice of beer-swilling Carnival revelers -- most of them men -- answering the call of nature in doorways, between cars and other public areas.
In tandem with their "Zero Tolerance for Pissing," as the campaign is called, they have established portable toilets in many of the most popular areas.
The amenities were mostly used by festival-goers taking part in "blocos," the free neighborhood parties where thousands gather to dance samba and drink and flirt.
Still, long lines at the toilets prompted many to complain to there weren't enough to meet the pressing demand. Despite the risk of arrest, several people were still seen taking a leak in out-of-the way corners.
Authorities have promised to increase the number of portable toilets in the future

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