piano that spawned on a miami sandbar has been salvaged

MIAMI (AFP) - The black baby grand piano that mysteriously sprang out upright on a small sand bar in Miami's Biscayne Bay, catching world attention, has been salvaged after officials ordered it taken off, a report said.

A crew hired by local musician Carl Bentulan picked up the piano after his 10-year-old son suggested that they "rescue" the broken and charred instrument, the Miami Herald said.

"Every morning, sample he'd get up and look the paper to see if it was still there," said Bentulan. "I finally said, 'OK, let's give it a try."

The prank's originator, Nicholas Harrington, 16, who revealed the truth behind the piano mystery on Thursday, had ordered to retrieve the piano by officials, but Bentulan beat him to it.

Harrington told the Herald he had carried out the prank with his father's assist in what began as a plan to make a video to get into art school in Manhattan.

"We were thinking of a large production, a music video epic," the he said.

The piano was left over from the set of a television series that Harrington's father had created, and was stored for years in a garage. I

Harrington got the thought of using it as a prop in a student video that he could submit as part of his application to art school. He wanted to film the undamaged piano on the sandbar.

But before he could make it happen, the piano was torched during a raucous New Year's Eve party.

The next day the Harringtons lowered the scorched piano into a boat, and took it out to the sandbar, where they burned it once more

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