job hiring! salary: $31,000 for 1 hour

TOKYO (AFP) – It's the part-time job generations have been waiting for, and no special qualifications are required -- working in a pizza restaurant for just one hour for a juicy 31,000 dollars.

That's the job offer Domino's Pizza Japan Inc. has placed on its website as it celebrates its 25th anniversary in the country.
Anyone over 18 years old who is eligible to work in Japan can apply, said the Japanese unit of the popular US pizza chain.
"Let's cheer up Domino Pizza's 25th anniversary together," the company said, offering the 2.5 million yen (31,000 dollar) job and promising to release further information next Wednesday.
Part-time workers in Japan on average earn 987 yen (12 dollars) per hour, according to a private employment company.

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